How do we develop plans?

How do we guide your projects?

How do we help your processes?

Core Services

Provide flexibility in the project from experienced and effective project management support.

Increase problem-solving speed with clear task ownership and transparency.

Increase capacity for project team members to focus on their core tasks.

Provide assurance that tasks and decisions are aligned with the project objectives.

 Ensure the ability of the project manager to focus all attention on critical topics.

 Provide an understanding of the insufficient or missing processes and project components.

 Develop a clear solution to resolve the identified issues.

 Provide training and improved project management abilities within the project team.

Product Portfolio

Establish an efficient meeting landscape, communication plan, and execution
Create and evaluate status report content, structure, and timing
Create and evaluate project or company KPI system, update process, frequency, and communication approach
Assess quality KPIs, measurement processes, problem identification, and solution steering
Develop and maintain schedules
Identify, evaluate, prioritize, and address chances and risks
Develop entrance card criteria, change management communication, and change steering.
Develop information storage structures and data analysis/evaluation processes, problem identification, and solution steering.

Here’s How We’ve Helped

Saved $30 Million

We saved a client $30M by reducing warranty claims from $2.57 per 100 products to $1.38 per 100 products.

KPI Reporting

We consolidated multiple data sources into one singular database complete with KPI reporting.

Milestone Bonuses

We supported the management of a plant construction that was completed on time to receive all milestone bonuses.

Best Practices

We developed global communication practices and execution techniques for optimized project management.

On-Time Launch

We simultaneously completed a construction project, a product launch, and a massive employee hire–all on time and within budget!

Every project is different. Every client brings unique strengths and faces unique challenges.

We can create solutions that deploy your strengths and address your challenges.


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