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Our services for coping with operational challenges during and after COVID-19

[bu:st] - Master The Crisis
  • Enabling

    - Adapt stakeholder management and communication

    - Enable teams to virtually collaborate

    - Conduct online events

    - Introduce collaboration tools


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  • Structuring

    - Encourage self-management

    - Refine structures, mindset and culture

    - Introduce opportunity and risk management

    - Assist in welcoming change and transformation to your organization


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  • Stabilization

    - Provide interim project managers and capacity

    - Set up a Project Management Office

    - Introduce task force structures and processes

    - Set up schedule scenarios and optimize resources


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  • Optimization

    - Identify and reduce waste

    - Conduct cost-down and optimization workshops

    - Optimize parts management and supplier portfolio

    - Shorten reporting time and set up for making decisions


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Excellence in Your Organization's Projects

[bu:st] LLC - Project Organization
  • 1. We break down the complexity, identify road blocks in processes, and create structure in complex environments to improve efficiency.

  • 2. We create operational solutions and integrate these solutions into your processes.

  • 3. We combine agile and lean methods to create streamlined processes across company boundaries.

  • 4. We apply our relationship intelligence to improve communication which leads to value added decision making within your company.

Project and Process Management are Key Factors for a Successful Future and a Sustainable Company Culture

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The Team for your Project

Our Project Management Specialists possess the methodological expertise, intellectual acuity, and strategic foresight to make your project succeed.

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