Automotive OEM—Logistics Center

Developed a Migration Steering Process to Move Parts and Operations to a New Logistics Center.

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The Problem

  • The existing logistics structure of an automotive OEM had grown over time and reached its limit.
  • Decision to build a large logistics center (~900K sq ft) to consolidate existing offsite functions
  • This consolidation would require the efforts of multiple departments over an extended period and would require consistent communication and steering of the process.
  • Additionally, there was not a dedicated PMO role at the start of the project which resulted in multiple points of communication and confusion over responsibilities.
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The Solution

  • Communication management was managed by a dedicated PMO for ease of communication.
  • Schedule management was utilized to create and maintain a project timeline in MS Project.
  • Developed a migration checklist and formed a migration steering team to account for all tasks required to be completed for a successful transition.
  • Implemented KPIs and daily tracking for the largest migration to gauge project success.
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The Result

  • Cross-functional team of seven work packages was always aligned with updated project schedules
    which resulted in better task tracking.
  • Introduced a migration steering process to assist with the formation of the checklist, and successfully steered 5 migrations over a period of 8 months.
  • Through daily KPI tracking, we were able to react quickly to problems and created constant transparency that allowed us to hold the migration team accountable.

By creating and implementing a new migration steering process and by placing a dedicated PMO role on the project, we were able to be a key enabler for this project to finish in a timely manner and put an ease on the OEM’s operations.
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