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We have successfully supported our customers in more than 500 projects. By applying our methodical consulting approach and our operative management techniques, we have saved our customers money, time and resources to provide them with an important competitive edge.

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The [bu:st] Method

Our proven [bu:st] method is individually customized to every project and applicable as a problem solving process in many industries. If you have a critical business challenge, our project management specialists can offer sustainable solutions for your industry.

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Some of our past projects have involved the following industries:


OEMs and suppliers are facing the new challenge of offering increasingly complex products faster to the market - at a lower cost and with higher quality. This creates new demands on project management. [bu:st] helps its customers optimize processes and supports their implementation by measuring and tracking KPIs: such as downtime, scrap, and rework using. Our consultants are skilled in the execution of reporting and dashboard management processes for data analysis to allow managers to make value added decisions. We develop training packages for employees and leadership- Topics may include understanding the cost of quality, coordination and best practice for communication of suppliers and team members, and change management and execution.


[bu:st] LLC supports the health care industry in process improvements, operational integrations, and construction project steering. We customize our approach to each client's unique situation, teaming up with your people, while adding our unique competencies in problem solving, data integration, and project execution to create effective and sustainable solutions. We help our clients in a wide range of challenges such as steering clinic growth and expansion of vendor coordination, site selection and construction, obtaining permits, and overall company ramp up. We have impacted basic waste reduction by evaluating and applying new inventory systems, negotiation support, testing, and training to current employees. This includes implementation of major change initiatives impacting safety, quality, efficiency, and cost of patient care. [bu:st] project managers have also assisted boards with executing corrective action strategies,including new Board Governance, Back Office improvements in credentialing and processes, and negotiations with potential investors.


The construction industry is working hard to recover from one of the largest economic downturns in the past 50 years. In recent years, [bu:st] has helped numerous clients, owners, and contractors improve their execution and profitability by improving and conserving their use of resources in people, time, and money. Our experience has included establishing subcontract plans until project close to support a full life cycle approach to accomplishing the goals and objectives of the project, which has led to reduction of environmental impact that allows them to invest in sustainable construction using proven methods and procedures. From subcontractors to large mega project owners, [bu:st] has positively impacted profit margins, project performance, and accomplishment of goals and charters.

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