Corporate Ambassador Program

An innovative business relocation & start-up service

We go beyond mere introductions, working collaboratively with you and our partners to ensure success in your new strategic move.

[bu:st] USA’s Corporate Ambassador Program is meticulously tailored for companies planning to begin operations in the United States.

We offer a customized roadmap and personalized support, including a dedicated relocation project manager to guide your company through the relocation and start-up. [bu:st] USA is your reliable project manager, ensuring that your company relocation is smooth and efficient.

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Community Integration

[bu:st] USA helps you settle into the community by introducing your business to other companies, government agencies, and community organizations that can assist in every aspect of business operations and growth.

  • Economic Development: Assistance in acquiring incentives, understanding tax structures, and connecting you with local government officials.
  • Marketing: Introducing you to marketing companies for developing strategies tailored to the U.S. market.
  • Networking & Business Development: Introduction to key networking groups for strategic growth.
  • Non-Profits: Introduction to key non-profits for maximum community impact.
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Logistical Planning

[bu:st] USA collaborates with you to develop a detailed plan, coordinating with third-party vendors like movers, real estate companies, IT providers, and furniture installers.

  • Construction Companies: Facility construction, infrastructure development, environmental considerations.
  • Logistics and Supply Chain: Setting up new supply chain to ensure timely product availability, market expansion, regulatory compliance.
  • Real Estate Services: Suitable office spaces or manufacturing facilities, navigate local regulations and zoning laws.
  • Safety: Safety regulation compliance, risk assessments, and safety protocol implementation.
  • Language Services: Translation services and interpretation/language training.
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Legal & Financial Services

[bu:st] USA has a network of providers that offer support in a wide range of areas such as licensing and registration, local regulations, and immigration services that can help you navigate compliance in the Southeast.

  • Legal Assistance: Immigration laws, business registration, compliance, and visa processes.
  • Licenses: Assistance with obtaining licenses, permits, and registrations efficiently to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.
  • Accounting Services: Accounting/CPA firms, tax compliance, financial planning, payroll services, and more.
  • Banking Services: International transactions, merchant services, equipment finance, business accounts, business credit cards, business loans credit lines.
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Operational Support

Our partners can assist in setting up essential services. From utilities and internet to employee relocation and recruitment, we’ll help get your space and people up and running.

  • Employee Relocation: Temporary housing, schools, real estate, rental agencies, recreation, the human resource is the most important of any move, and this can be the most sensitive.
  • Healthcare & Employee Benefits: Introducing you to providers for guidance on healthcare options and employee benefits and HSA, 401K.
  • HR & Recruitment: Recruiting and managing human resources, finding new talent, and retaining top talent.
  • Technology Integration: Connecting you with companies to set up and maintain IT infrastructure.

We also provide ongoing support.

[bu:st] USA provides continuous support for challenges that arise during the transition and initial phases of operation.

Let's work together!

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