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From Intern to Consultant

Position: Project Management Consultant
Favorite Book: Tale of Two Cities
Favorite Movie: The Protégé
Favorite Activity: Skydiving, Scuba diving, Mountain Climbing – Self-proclaimed “Adventure Junkie”
Position: Project Management Consultant
Favorite Book: Tale of Two Cities
Favorite Movie: The Protégé
Favorite Activity: Skydiving, Scuba diving, Mountain Climbing – Self-proclaimed “Adventure Junkie”

Tyler joined the [bu:st] team 3 years ago during the summer of his last year at Furman University as an intern. Upon graduation he was brought on full time to the [bu:st] team.
Since Tyler’s full time commitment he has successfully steered projects involving quality improvement, human resources, and information technology.
Recently, Tyler was admitted into a top business school and [bu:st] wanted to share his feedback from his experience at [bu:st]:

– What have you gained from working at [bu:st]?
“I learned how to be a professional consultant who can steer a client. I think I gained a ton of project knowledge. Especially how to implement processes and how to step up when running a workshop or meeting.”

– What is your proudest moment at [bu:st]?
“During my first project I identified a gap in the projects data collection. To correct the gap I proposed a role to close the gap.
The role was approved and after a year of working the role I successfully passed it over to a colleague. I’m proud that the role still exists today.”  

– What is your personal philosophy?
“Oh geez, tough question. Haha. I think from the work side, I try to be a resource wherever needed. At [bu:st] I always tried to be plugged in where I could help and be the synergy. I think my personal philosophy is to help people.”

– How did your experience at [bu:st] help prepare you for admission to a top 10 business school?
“I think it helped me for 3 reasons:
1. Gave me unique opportunities that are unheard of for recent graduates. I went to Mexico by myself to run my own project. I wasn’t perfect on the project, but it was such a learning experience and in the end we were very successful.
2. Philosophy of steering your own career and management will not get in the way. I could master the customer side, but also contribute to [bu:st]’s internal strategy and operations.
3. Enjoyed learning from mentors and management. Felt like I was able to learn from other people.”

– Which of your [bu:st] projects do you think was the most defining in your progression as a Project Manager?
“Definitely my project in Mexico. Completing the whole project gave me the confidence to steer a customer. I think that this was where I really learned to be a consultant.
By my second year of work I had the experience, confidence and expertise to run a project.”

After 3 years we are very happy to have had Tyler contribute to our team and wish him well with his future endeavors.  Good luck at UVA Tyler!


[bu:st] got a new office!

Networked learning organizations need inspiration, communication, collaboration and last but not least SPACE…
At [bu:st], the vision of task-oriented working in a networked learning organization is being practiced consistently.

Designed according to „Smart Workplace“, our new office space holds a multitude of possibilities and areas available for personal networking.Those are available to our employees and, of course, to our customers as well. State-of-the-art equipment and meeting rooms as well as individual areas for retreat frame the adequate atmosphere for dialogue and creativity provided for our employees.

You can find us here:
[bu:st] GmbH
Oskar-Schlemmer-Str. 3
80807 Munich

You can still reach us by phone at +49 89 452239-0 or at the individual employees’ mobile numbers.
We look forward to see you at our new office!

Your [bu:st] team


ISO9001:2015 – we are certified!

We’re proud to announce that we are the first company to be certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 by the DEKRA, a worldwide ISO 9001 certifying and auditing organization – for all four companies of the [bu:st] group! After the extensive revision of the ISO norm in fall 2015 we did not hesitate to be the first company to have our quality management signed off by this top class certification. We’re especially excited about the fact that the auditors did not only compliment our “excellent organization” and our “great working atmosphere” but also our “outstanding employees”.


Advanced Precision Medicine, Inc. Partners with [bu:st] LLC to Optimize Business Plan Execution

Advanced Precision Medicine, Inc. (APM), a commercialization catalyst for molecular diagnostics, today announced that it has engaged the services of [bu:st] LLC ("Boost"), a specialist in project management and execution, to assist with focused and effective implementation of its business plan and strategy.

John Herrera, VP Sales and Business Development, comments: "We selected [bu:st] to shorten our go-to-market interval. With [bu:st]’s operational and execution expertise, APM has condensed development efforts to meet aggressive roll-out goals in a market primed for diagnostic tools targeted at front line physicians and the Precision Medicine Initiative."

Thus far, [bu:st] has contributed to Advanced Precision Medicine with targeted business planning and organization. Moving forward, [bu:st] will also be assisting in the implementation and systemization of critical business processes, while supporting the planning and execution of strategic initiatives. Jennings Dorn, CEO of [bu:st] LLC, says: "We are very excited about our partnership with APM, and look forward to a very successful and fruitful collaboration. APM has a great team, great technology, and everything needed to realize their vision of reduced healthcare cost and much improved patient experience, by providing physicians with the best molecular diagnostics and bioinformatics available."

Dean Sproles, President of Advanced Precision Medicine, concludes: "With the help of [bu:st]’s highly talented and experienced team, we are convinced that we will reach our growth, profitability, and valuation targets according to plan – if not sooner."

Advanced Precision Medicine, Inc. (APM) is a commercialization catalyst for innovation developed through the United States Precision Medicine Initiative. APM intends to become the leader in integrated healthcare information solutions by providing best-in-class clinical products supported by robust analytics. APM’s mission is to revolutionize traditional medical practice through the application of a broad suite of molecular diagnostic tests. http://www.advancedprecisionmedicine.com