Your opportunities

To learn from one another means to be successful as a team.

When you join

To best prepare you for your new role, you will receive an instruction and training program tailored to you and your future projects, starting on your first day. With the guidance of your supervisor, we help you to settle in quickly and with ease. During the training period regular feedback meetings with your supervisor will take place. Here you can submit suggestions for improvement and address the need for further training.

Your development

After your on-boarding phase, we support you with a wide range of training courses. You will also take on new tasks and projects in your department, in order to develop your skills further. To gain experience in other areas, you join one of our product management teams after the start period and you will be profoundly trained in one of the [bu:st] products to become a product specialist. As a specialist, you will support the product manager and contribute to the further development of our [bu:st] standards. At the same time, you become a product trainer for your colleagues and can pass on your acquired knowledge.

Employee development – [bu:st] SQS

We are aware that only a skilled and motivated team can succeed. To boost the development of our employees as much as possible, we have developed the [bu:st] SQS (skills qualification schooling):