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Our Employees Are:

  • 35% Women - 65% Men 35% Women
    65% Men
  • 74% Extrovert - 26% Introvert 74% Extrovert
    26% Introvert
  • 70% Football Fanatic - 30% Soccer Maniac 70% Football Fanatic
    30% Soccer Maniac
  • 58% Beard-less - 42% Bearded 58% Beard-less
    42% Bearded

At [bu:st], open communication and a fair and cooperative relationship with each other comes first. We are a team and pull together to support our customers and develop goal-oriented solutions with them. Here you can find out what it means to work in the [bu:st] group and why the [bu:st]ies are so passionate about it.

Actions speak louder than words

[bu:st] LLC Meredith


The foundation of [bu:st] knowledge and methods provides an excellent framework for taking on the ever-changing landscape of our customers' needs. This, in addition to working closely with fellow team members, has allowed me to grow my own skills and abilities exponentially during my time at [bu:st]. We truly work in a dynamic environment where there is never a shortage of opportunities with which to challenge ourselves.


[bu:st] is a perfect fit for me and my professional career. I enjoy having the flexibility and technology to work from the office, the customer, and home. My workdays are a good balance of desk work and active interactions with others. [bu:st] offers organized, comprehensive onboarding and mentoring programs that expedited my transition into the company culture. Now I have the privilege of mentoring new employees, something I really enjoy. I’ve continued developing my professional skills through both internal and external qualifications, which translate into added value on my customer projects. The bottom line is – I really like what I do!

[bu:st] LLC Anderson

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