[bu:st] LLC Employee Journey

Employee Journey

The Journey Through Our Company

[bu:st] LLC Employee Qualification

Leadership competence is an integral part of our qualification process.

All employees at [bu:st] are trained in project management relevant scope, both general and custom.

Customized trainings, supported by external specialists, foster personal and professional development.

The Qualification and Career Opportunities at [bu:st] Offer Our Employees a Unique Perspective

[bu:st] LLC Career Posibilities

As a [bu:st] employee, you go through a qualification process from a junior project manager to a position as a team leader and eventually a manager. As you progress, you will work both internally and externally at the customer's site as part of interim projects. Through our structured onboarding process you will be able to take over your first project in a short time.

The qualification process is supported by a structured onboarding program and an extensive training landscape.

  • Onboarding program includes:

    Mentoring program Intensive training in the first three months Training cockpit with learning questions Internal accenptance date

  • Training program includes:

    Service Aspects: project management topics Human Aspects: general and custom soft skill training with external trainers

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